Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter Cometh (And I goeth to Vegas, baby!)

The hummers are departing for their long treks across the Gulf to South America, the air is chill enough that we've had the windows open around the clock for days, and every morning more fallen leaves fill the yard.

I've spent the last ten days or so working on an abstract quilt that incorporates some of my hand-dyed fabrics as well as some of my monoprinted and discharged pieces. My free-motion quilting needs a LOT of work, but doing pieces like this is great practice and I'm pleased that I haven't once wanted to throw my Sapphire through the window. Yet.


It is mostly machine pieced but uses a small bit of fusing (the "bamboo shoots" on the left were painted fabric fused down). I used, of all things, the hand-dyed cuff of an old blouse to bring a horizontal element to the piece.

I have no idea how I feel about it, yet. I'm trying to keep things simple- the quilts that have the most simple elements are often the ones that draw my eye first- but I'm keeping my mind open as I stitch to what it may have to tell me. I'm about half finished with the decorative stitching and then it will be bound. It measures about 30" by 20".

My commission piece stalled for a while: I lost inspiration for the design we'd decided on because it simply wasn't working. After a discussion with my client, she and I have hit on a solution that I believe will work far better and now I can't wait to dive in again.

Yesterday, I entered the Art(Raw) 09 online juried competition with these three pieces:


If a couple of these pieces look familiar to you, it's because I posted them a few months ago when I entered them into a juried show in Denver (and was turned down... ah, well).

Stage 11 of the Compositional Conversation is up and ready for you to ogle (and hopefully comment on because we'd love YOUR contribution to the Conversation, as well)! Valerie Goodwin was this week's artist and has added her unique voice to the mix. Please go take a look.

On Thursday, we're off to Las Vegas for a much-needed vacation. We'll be back on Monday night and will have an opportunity, while we're there, to have lunch with the very first friend I made. I met Betty Ann- who moved to Vegas about sixteen years ago- on the first day of first grade and we spent most of the next ten years together, inseparable and driving our poor mothers insane. I can't wait to see her!

So Until Monday, happy creating!


Terri Stegmiller said...

I like your abstract better than mine!

Deborah said...

it all looks great!

Quilt or Dye said...

As I mature in my design skills, I hope my pieces are as good as yours!

Eva said...

A wonderful piece, the abstract one in subdued colors. I thought that some artists work in subdued tones, others prefer the brilliant shades, but you seem to rule both!

elle said...

Judi, you are so versatile. I'm inspired to go back and pitch some more florals.

Nancy said...

Judi, like your abstract, especially the detail of the stitching. I think its the stitching that gives each piece excitement. Of the three you are submitting, I just love the middle one with all it's texture.

Gina said...

Your abstract is looking great! Good luck with your entries - I can't imagine that they were turned down before - they are gorgeous!

Have fun in Vegas!!!

laura west kong said...

I love them all, especially the middle one. Good luck with your entries and have fun in Vegas!