Sunday, April 4, 2010

Update and Inspiration

I want to thank everyone who has been so kind and sent messages of healing and warmth to myself and my husband. When he arrived home on Thursday night from an out-of-town business trip, his left leg was swollen to such an extent that it didn't even look like his own, anymore. Tests revealed a DVT high up in the thigh that was blocking all blood flow to that leg. He's now being treated in the hospital with blood thinners.

He remains bed-bound but has a shot at coming home today, so wish us luck!

In the meantime, with no time or mental energy for creative ventures, I thought I'd post some shots I took last week that I've found inspirational.

Hearing a loud commotion outside that could only be crows fighting hawks, I snatched my camera up and ran out to try and capture it. As I swooped the camera around to try and catch the in-flight battle, I caught interesting silhouettes of the birds. (Click the photos to see a better image.)

I call crows the cops of the neighborhood, because they gang up to keep hawks away and will spend a great deal of time swooping, diving, screeching and flapping at the hawks to move them along. Usually one or two crows can't ruffle the feathers of a huge hawk, but six or seven crows can hurry along nearly any hawk who dares dawdle on the power lines.

The final shot I got before they all flew off was totally bird-free (they move FAST, and often all I get is a photo of an empty sky) but still fascinating to me in terms of design.

If hubby makes it home from the hospital today, you can expect to start seeing your lovely emails answered in the next couple of days. Thank you all for such warm support.

Happy creating!


Cate Rose said...

Hope he did come home yesterday, and hope he recovers quickly. You, too! Have a lovely Easter Sunday, whatever you do. XO

Eva said...

Sometimes, I see crows chasing a hawk in our sky, too. I noticed they fly in a different style if they do and change their voices.
Good recreation for your husband!

Jan said...

I hope he is home and resting comfortably right now. You too.

I sent you an award a few days ago, you can just ignore it, I see you have more pressing issues at hand.

You captured some fantastic shots of the birds! Wow! well done.

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Best of luck, Judi; you're quite a photographer! Great shots!

Robbie said...

You are so fortunate you took him to the hospital! That's nothing to fool around with!!! Glad he is in good hands and will be in good hands when he gets home! Take care!

Anonymous said...

What fabulous pictures!

Hope your husband has a complete recovery soon. I'm sure he will.

Sherrill Pearson, Montreal

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

Best wishes to your hubby for a speedy and full recovery.

Anonymous said...

hope your hubby is recovering well Judi. Some great photos here.