Friday, October 19, 2012

It Was Time

Long past time, if you ask me: I needed a new scanner, badly. Ask me how I knew?

Because of the last three scans I posted here, none of which I was able to come even close to repairing in Elements. I scanned off some abstract paintings I did last week and I was shocked by how terrible they looked. The color correction was so far off it wasn't even funny, and I probably shouldn't have even posted them, but I did. This week, my new NeatDesk Scanner arrived and DH set it up for me today. Holy cow, what a difference! Take a look:

Old scanner:

New scanner:

Old scanner:

New scanner:

Old scanner:

New scanner:

Now, while the vibrant, over-saturated scans are kinda fun in a fakey sort of way, they weren't anything close to a true representation of the work itself.

SO happy I have a new scanner!! Thank you, NeatDesk!


Dotti said...

Holy Cow...that's a big difference. My old scanner bit the dust and I am shopping around...just ordered one from Dell and had to send it back because it wouldn't reduce or enlarge. Does your Neatdesk have this software feature?

Jeannie said...

Wow!!! I am amazed at the difference.

Unknown said...

These are beautiful pieces. The new scanner makes a lot of difference. Now I want a new one.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Yes the first images are bright but I do have to say the second image is more pleasing. Our scanner is on its way out. Peace, Mary Helen

Eva said...

A new scanner is a treat, of course; but the old one -- if it wasn't a 30 years old one -- rather seems to have needed calibration or another kind of reset.