Thursday, August 4, 2016

Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Complain.

Some progress in the studio this week. Still pushing at SJ to see what it can and cannot do.

This little piece is a collage of more layers than you might think. It starts with some electrical schematics for a Mustang, generously donated by a neighbor. The schematics have great lines and labels all over them. I tossed in some snippets from my grandmother's accounting books, some painted tissue, and a micro cutting of some tiny SJ.

(12"x12", acrylic paint and vintage collage on cradled wooden panel)

There was also a lot of stalling this week. You know... starting, full of excitement. Stopping hours later, disappointed. Weird stuff often comes out of that, for me. Like this, offered with no explanation because I couldn't possibly.

Yes, that's painted cotton hanging off of it. I don't know why. It's 12"x12" too, for whatever that's worth. 

When I have disappointing studio sessions several days in a row, I retreat back to comfortable exercises. It's usually a confidence builder and allows me to push through the tough hours until I get somewhere that makes me happy.

Painting helps.

So does collage (and I've promised myself that when I die, every bit of ephemera I've been collecting and painting all these years will be used UP, so that'll be a bonus for my family!)

Finally, towards the end of the week, I hit on something that intrigues me. I'll be playing with this more and I won't be explaining it until later. But this is the first somewhat interesting result.

Until next time, push on and create happy!


Wendy Watson said...

Micro cutting SJ hmm? Interesting!

elle said...

ooooh, I like that last one!