Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Lifus Interruptus

After a week of mold remediation (bleh) and a week spent with wonderful friends on Puget Sound (wow!), I'm back in the studio. The unexpected shock of finding and fixing the mold, piled on top of the wonder of being in a new place with old friends has, naturally, had an influence on the work I'm doing.

These two pieces are painted on cradled wood panels, 24"x18", and use multiple mediums, including acrylic paint and pastels.  



The subtlety I'm always chasing might be within my grasp, after all. It also might be time for a trip to the art store for more panels. Until next week, and in whatever mood you find yourself, create!


Bev Redmond said...

Yummy, both.

elle said...

ooh, nice!

Stephanie said...

Love the contrast - warm and cool. Very nice!