Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dyed Batting Art Quilt

If you've been reading my blog, you've seen the results of my dyed cotton batting experiments. Almost immediately after drying and ironing these little beauties, my mind started working on how they could be used.

I played with them a bit and then started cutting and spray basting them together and today, I finished stitching the piece I created.

The process was fairly straightforward. To strengthen the quilt, I layered two coordinating batting pieces together with spray baste. I intentionally played on their uneven, wavy edges by tugging them gently to help flute them and by layering them in such a way that the edges were shown off to their best advantage.

On top of this sandwich, I layered another strip of wine-colored dyed batting and a piece of painted watercolor paper that had been heavily wrinkled.

Also on this piece is a dryer sheet that's been pressed flat. I used a white oil stick and a hot glue rubbing plate I'd made years ago to create a white-on-white effect. I allowed the dryer sheet for cure for a few days and then ironed it between two pieces of parchment paper to set the paint.

Finally, I added a strip of left over, dyed paper toweling- seen in the detail photo, below- which I stiffened by brushing with Paverpol and allowing to dry fully.

The piece was free-motion stitched with a deliberate attempt to reinforce a straight-lined theme and then a machine-wrapped cord I made of eyelash yarn was machine couched in a spiral pattern to break the tension and off-set the linear free-motion quilting.

The edges will be left raw and uneven, as was the original intent. The completed piece measures approximately 18" x 24". (And yes, it's available for purchase! :D)

I believe I will try mounting it on a painted stretched canvas.

Coming up this week, I will post an article I'm writing about revitalizing your creative muse, and - drum roll, please- post a free giveaway to celebrate the grand opening of my new blog.

Happy creating!


moulton said...

you're awesome. inspiring!!

Gina said...

This is great! I like how you've described your choices used in creating this fabulous piece. I'm also enjoying reading about your dyeing & other adventures ...