Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Arrives Early

The hibiscus has almost stopped blooming, the mornings are cooler and less humid, and more new birds arrive from their Northern homes every day. Fall has come early to SE Texas, but we're not sorry to see it because it also means that the air is thick with hummingbirds.

I am finishing up all my current obligations so I can go on vacation next weekend worry-free.

In that vein and thinking that perhaps my commission client might like to explore the nature and texture of the absence of color, this week I stitched another quiltie sample. What I thought would be the last sample before I begin work on the actual piece. Best laid plans.

I planned, as usual to split the pleats with sharp scissors and drop it into the washer/dryer for a few long runs in each machine. This sample, however, would not be dyed or painted as the others had been. It was always intended to remain white. I even tried a new stitch pattern, congratulating myself on how clever I am.

I snipped the pleats, ran it through the machines, and this was my prize.

Whoa... no, thank you.

This misshapen mess may get cut apart for something else, or it may languish in a drawer until ghastly white quilts are in fashion. Either way, there's no way I'd show it to my client.

Back to the sewing machine for the last last sample.

My pleating is getting better, yeah?

So, snip, wash, dry, wash, dry, wash, dry, and presto...

Pretty respectable.

So, the testing is done, now I make the presentation to the client.

The other big news is that I have finished my portion of Compositional Conversation and will be sending it on to the next artist, Leslie Bixel, tomorrow or Tuesday (Monday is a holiday).

It was a complete blast! You'll have to wait to read about it and see my photos, though... Terry will post both on Monday, September 14th.

Have a great weekend and happy creating!
- Judi


Robbie said...

Judi, the first 'sample'resembles the old chenile quilts...the last one is perfect! Looks vey innovative! Nice piece.

elle said...

I do like the new look, very expansive! Gee, I could just squeal! I have to wait till Monday to see how much fun you had??? VBSigh, that is 3 sleeps.

Eva said...

"languish in a drawer until ghastly white quilts are in fashion"


Cyndi L said...

Oh gosh, I *love* that texture! And I love your hummingbird shots...all of ours here in New England must have headed down to you. I haven't seen any for a few weeks now.

sara : 5 o'clock crows said...

Judi- thanks so much for the compliments about my work. I LOVE what you're doing with the pleating. I've wanted to play around with pleats for a while but never quite got to it. After seeing yours, I'm feeling very motivated! Great work.


Anonymous said...

I've just caught up on your blog after a busy few weeks - and wow, you've been busy too! I adore these sample pieces you're making. It's really inspiring to have the process shared like this - to see how the technique is developing. Makes my sewing fingers itch! I look forward to a stage in my children's lives when I have more time to spend on crafting. Meanwhile, thank you for letting me experience the joy vicariously :-)