Thursday, October 1, 2009

Art Now For Autism Auction

You may remember that a while back, I donated a little textile/stretched canvas piece of art to the cause Art Now For Autism. The auction festivities begin today!

I know the economy is frightening and everyone is saving like mad, but if you're one of those folks whose luck has maybe been a little better this year than that of others, please consider investing in a small bit of hand-crafted goodness for a cause that couldn't be more poignant. No voices should be silenced.

From the founder of Art Now For Autism:

"We are pleased to announce the opening of Art Now for Autism 2009.
An online exhibit and reverse auction benefitting autism awareness and

October 1-10, 2009

October 1-4 : Preview of Art.
Opens at 9am EST on October 1.
Art exhibit will be open online at
All work will be viewable but not on sale.

October 5 & 6
Reverse Auction Opens AT 9AM EST.
All Art is $90

October 7 & 8
Unsold art drops to $60 at 9AM EST on Oct. 7.

October 9 & 10
Last two days.
Final price starts at 9AM EST on Oct. 9.
Any remaining art is $30

This year's exhibit includes the work of 89 artists from around the
USA, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Brazil, and the Netherlands.
Included in this amazing list of artists are a number of artists with
autism spectrum disorders. 160 pieces of fine art and craft are
included in the exhibit. There is something for everyone!

Please help us spread the word about Art Now for Autism by forwarding,
tweeting, posting, blogging, and talking about Art Now for Autism!
Download the PDF flyer for this year’s exhibit.

100% of art sales will go to Autism Speaks through their National Walk
Now for Autism Speaks event.

We appreciate your support! Any questions? Please email Claudine
Intner, the organizer of Art Now for Autism at

- Claudine Intner"

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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting about Art Now for Autism! I LOVE YOUR PIECE and I am sure it will sell quickly!
- Claudine Intner, Art Now for Autism