Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To Begin

The meetings and discussions about my commission piece have ended, agreements have been reached and I'm off and running. After months of tests and experiments, several excellent ideas brainstormed with my client, and a shift in locale (from master bedroom to entryway- is that a promotion?), I'm finally beginning work on this piece. I hope to have it completed within just a few months.

But here's the challenge: I promised my client a piece of art for her home that was unique, something no one has ever seen before. That means that the above sneak peek at my early fabric preparations is the last photo I will post of this work until it is finished, delivered and hung in the client's home. Likewise, I won't be posting about the techniques I'm using as I go along, either, although I will be writing and saving blog entries as I work, and taking lots of photos, all of which I will post after the piece has been accepted by the client and installed.

That's going to be so hard for me!

In the meantime, my experiments with DSP (deconstructed screen printing) will continue, and of course, next week Quilt Festival starts!

And if you have a chance, stop over at Art Now For Autism and think about investing in a piece of hand-crafted art.

Finally, these are the two photos I submitted to the Eye Of The Photographer contest that didn't earn a spot in the show (I still haven't heard back from the curator whether I can post the winning photo, but I'm betting the answer is 'no'):

"Earthbound" 2009

"Biological Imperative" 2009

Happy creating!


laura west kong said...

A secret project, how exciting!

Those are magnificent photos. I like how they have a bit of intrigue and draw you in for a closer look, just like a good quilt.

Jan said...

Good luck with your commission, that will be fun and also very challenging! It will be a challenge not to share it with us as you go along. I will look forward to hearing/seeing it sometime in the future.