Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Following In Her Footsteps

Energized and inspired by last week's interview with Sherrill Kahn and the peek we were given at her new work, Monday morning found me setting up the wet studio for some marathon fabric painting. I used to spend days and days doing this- mostly on paper and wood- and I have missed it a lot, lately.

While this may look like a total mess, it's actually lightning in a bottle. Arranged on the table within reach are many different kinds of paints- Lumiere, Neopaque, Jacquard Textile paints, Dye-Na-Flow and even some of my dwindling supply of Sherrill's Sorbets- a bunch of hand-made stamps, sponges, brushes, paint palettes, water and all kinds of painting grounds from white fabric to pre-painted papers. Plus, of course, coffee- lots of coffee.

Using techniques demo'd in Sherrill's video, I reacquainted myself with the joys of  painting with abandon. All of the pieces I painted ranged in size from about 28"x18" to 8"x11". No ground safe, no technique untried, nothing was "finished" until it screamed at me to stop. Here's what I've created so far.

(cotton fabric)

(artists' canvas... this one is my favorite)

(cotton fabric)

(cotton fabric, taken from the piece above and slathered with Lumiere)

(cotton fabric)

 (watercolor paper)
(heavy interfacing)

(copy paper)

(watercolor paper)

No idea what these beauties will be used for, and there are more in progress on the table, waiting for another painting session tomorrow. 

Happy creating!
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