Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Afternoon

The week has only just begun, but as usual, I find myself busy in many different areas of the studio.

This week, the green FPR piece I began last week...

... got crackled and layered with green Neopaque thinned with water.

While it's a very interesting piece of fabric, it will be ineligible for any juried competition due to some rather glaring technical errors. The fabric is cotton sateen, with a very definite sheen on one side and a matte appearance on the other. I put the FPR on the wrong (matte) side. In addition, the FPR was thinner in some areas than I realized and too much paint soaked into the fabric in large, unattractive blotches that have a stiffer hand than the rest of the fabric.

It will be a beautiful fabric for stitching, though, and has large areas of lovely, fine crazing I can use.

It will become the sashing for a developing piece of art that began with last week's "stash-busting" quilted piece...

The above piece was combined with the green crackle fabric and more of my hand-dyed fabrics and batting, to become this...

... which will go under the needle this week and next. The entire piece will measure about 45" x 53 when completed.

Elsewhere in the studio, these two large pieces of cotton, both previously hand dyed, have entered into a partnership with some violet Dye-Na-Flow.

They will be allowed to dry just like this, which will probably take days- each piece of fabric was very wet even before the paint was poured onto them. No idea what I have here until I unfold them and iron them out. Maybe more on these, next week.

In the meantime, happy creating!
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