Friday, June 4, 2010

Stamping E-Book Clarification

Well it's been a roller coaster week and I'm still shoveling myself out of the blizzard of wonderful emails and comments that came in like a freak summer snowstorm!

There have been a lot questions and a few more suggestions about my E-Book so I'd like to take a moment, before I slip away for a weekend of beautiful pool weather and relaxation with my family, to try and answer them.

Q: Why did you chose to publish in the format of an E-Book? I don't even have an e-reader!!

A: It was mostly a lark, to be honest. A lot of folks suggested I take my article on stamp making to the next level and have it published, and when I looked into e-publishing I found it to be simpler than I had ever expected. I just wanted to see if I could actually do it, online sales newbie that I am, and I did- and it was fun! No, I don't expect anyone to run out and buy a Kindle on my account, and I apologize if you have no access to one and feel left out- that is the last thing I would ever want! Please be rest assured that the original blog post still is, and will always remain, available for everyone to peruse- for free- at their leisure. It was never intended to be more than that.

Q: Will you be publishing this in a hard-copy form through a book publishing house?

A: Unless a publisher approaches me and asks to publish it (and I'm not foolish enough to believe for an instant that that's how it actually works!), no, I have no plans to try and have it turned into a paperback book.

Q: Will it at least be available as a PDF file?

A: At the moment, I don't have a professional PDF creation suite and none of the freeware packages I've tested allow for the insertion of hyperlinks- one of the key advantages of having a PDF file. I may, in the future, invest in such a PDF creation package, but I don't want to make any promises on that- I will promise to look into it, however.

I hope this helps to answer your questions, but if not I am always happy to receive your inquiries through my blog or in private emails. I answer ALL my emails and ALL my blog comments- yours will be no different, so feel free to contact me!

On a darker note... in and amongst the wave of lovely comments and emails I've gotten have lurked a few rather ugly private emails from offended readers chastising me for my choice of publication platforms. One even implied that the email author would now be forced to steal my work from my blog and print it out at home, themselves.

To those people, I say this: No offense was intended. I offer whatever information and knowledge I have freely. You can't steal it from me, because I give it to you with sincere enthusiasm and the hope that you will be inspired and create your own beautiful art of which you can be proud.

Happy weekend!


Robbie said...

Always someone who ruins the just do your thing!! How ever you want!!! Love your last sentence "giving"! perfect, Judi!! Thanks so much for all you share with us!

Anonymous said...

Well Said! Have a wonderful weekend!

Carole said...

Someone always likes to rain on anothers parade. You are a Champion! and should be treated as such. I don't intend to copy from your blog... but I will be back to read it and to refer to. You are a real jewel to even do this.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

judi said...

Judi if you use gmail there is a free pdf format in it. Thanks again for the great tutorial.

Jan said...

I very much appreciate your generosity and kind replies to all your comments. Don't let the negative people get you down.

Cynthia Wenslow said...

You can use OpenOffice to create pdfs with hyperlinks.

I purchased your ebook for my Kindle, and then read it on the Kindle for PC application.

Excellent ideas and nicely organized.

Thanks, Judi!

Jamie Fingal said...

Congratulations on your e-book. You could always do a Blurb book for all the people that want to hold it in their hands.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

I'm with Jamie... I'm a tactile person, and would be more than happy to send a bit of cash to an online hard-copy publisher and you. Blurb is a reputable one from what I've heard.... you could price the book to cover costs and give you a couple dollars per copy. I for one would jump at the chance, and would add it to my "surface design" binder.

I *think* I can download an app. to my Mac laptop to read Kindle products, but haven't done so yet. Plus, I don't want my EXPENSIVE laptop up near the paint and dish of water etc. For me, having a hard copy instead of or in addition to a kindle copy would be ideal!

Thanks again for a great tutorial,
Cheers, Sarah

Dotti said...

Judi, I just wanted to say thanks for taking time to write and share your article on stamp making. I have bookmarked it. I also share unusually good and unique blog urls with my art quilt group. Yours is next in line!

Ann Katzen said...

Hi Judi,

I'm not entirely sure what this discussion is all about (having linked from the Dyers List) but if it refers to your stamp tutorial, well, that was brilliant!

I just want to commend you for the last paragraph of this post. That poor soul who has to "steal" your knowledge has apparently not gained any insight through inspiration. Where else does art come from if not that?

Martha Marshall said...

You've articulated so many of my thoughts for me in this post. I do much the same thing -- just offer ideas and inspiration free for the taking.

But glad to hear you've done an e-book. Congratulations! Some day I might get properly motivated to do one.

Moira said...

I think publishing your book is fantastic. I don't have access to classes and rely on books and the internet for my information but often forget where to find stuff. Having access with ebooks is so much easier. Congratulations.

Nuvofelt said...

You may like to know about the free download from here

You can create documents in a number of different formats, then alter them into a pdf file in which the links ARE live. I find it really useful.

Great blog. Thanks so much.

neki desu said...


re publishing: have you considered putting the tute out at lulu?
it would be pay as you download for those interested.

hope your weekend's been good and please down one for me :)if it's not too late.

Fibra Artysta said...

I have a mac so I don't know if the windows version of Word is different but you can create a word document (with live links) and save it as a PDF. I do it all the time.

Meg said...

I love your blog and appreciate that you are willing to share your journey. Keep it up! I just have to remember to check it more often on my own now!

elle said...

Ah, Judi. Giving thwarts thieving. Luv it! You are the best!