Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busier and Busier

Ever since I returned from New Jersey almost two weeks ago, I've been kicking butt and taking names in the studio. Every morning and much of every afternoon is now taken up with assignments for my masteries program: reading, or dyeing samples, or reading or... well, there just a lot of both of those things!

This week in my spare time (did I actually just say I have spare time??), I did some deconstructed screen printing using these screens. All in all, I'm pleased with the results. I used some new dyes I just got from Pro Chem, three primaries from Carol's "basics" family: golden yellow, mixing red, and intense blue.

The screens, which had previously been charged with black dye, were deconstructed onto one yard lengths of white cotton sateen, 45" selvage to selvage. 

(yellow/red before washout)

(after washout)


(yellow/blue before washout)

(yellow/blue after washout)


(red/blue before washout)

(red/blue after washout)


All of the above is Stuff On The Good News Side. On the Bad News Side, I am so sorry to announce that I will very likely be blogging less than I used to. I have loved blogging and the friendships and connections I've made because of it, and I don't have plans to stop nearly yet- but recent and sudden family health issues, combined with the intense workload of my masteries program, are conspiring to pull my focus away from online pursuits and towards life issues.

I will still try to blog once a week about what's keeping me occupied and what artsy-fartsy things I'm up to, so it isn't 'goodbye' by any means... just a bit of a slow-down. Hope like crazy that you'll stick with me through these busy times!

In the meantime, happy creating!!
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