Saturday, November 13, 2010

Design Wall

Almost a year ago, I began my studio remodel. The construction work was finished within a couple of months and I began working in there right away, but I was missing one key element: a large, padded design wall.

Right from the start, I set aside some blank wall space and began my research of construction methods and materials.

The space, measuring approximately seven by seven feet, remained blank this entire time while I vacillated back and forth about what kind of wall I wanted. Finally I made my decision- a double-thickness of rigid foam insulation mounted into the studs, covered first in batting and then in white fabric- and work began on it last weekend.

We bought 4 sheets of the foam insulation, cutting two of them to 7'x4' and the other two to 3'x4', in order to fit the space. The beauty of this material is that it's tongue and groove, which means that each sheets fits seamlessly into the next.

We glued the sheets together with a Styrofoam-friendly adhesive and left them to cure over night.

I couldn't help but do a dry run to get an idea of how they'd look on the wall.

After the adhesive had cured, it was time to find the wall studs...

(found one!)

... and hang the first piece...

The second piece slid right into place in the groove of the first one...

... and all of it was held in place with 3" wood screws and over-sized washers.

Next, using spray fabric adhesive and t-pins, we attached large sheets of cotton batting.

The final layer, a white, queen-sized flat sheet, was attached in the same manner and trimmed to fit.

And I finally have a proper design wall! Thanks for all your help, honey!!

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