Friday, March 25, 2011

On My Way Out The Door

My husband and I are on our way to get my father, who lives in Pennsylvania, and bring him to live here in TX near us in an assisted living facility. He doesn't want to come, he doesn't even think there's anything wrong with him, but he's being compliant and I, like a dutiful daughter, have been dismantling his old life and trying to rebuild a new one for him here. It's a dreadful task that no one should ever have to undertake, telling your parent that it's time to let you have the reins of their life.

Art is getting made, though, in almost a frenzy of anger and exhaustion. Here are two Stacked Journaling pieces I will be taking to my childhood best friend in Pennsylvania. She's terribly ill with Diabetes and could use a little brightness in her home. These small canvases in her favorite colors- green and blue- contain stacked messages of love, healing and sisterhood.

And another stacked letter to my father I'm working through in my journal before translating it to a stretched canvas.

(Dear Dad: Confusion)

Hope your weekend is happy and creative.
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