Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Blog Hop!

Collage artist, Claudine Intner, wrote recently asking for participants for her Mother's Day blog hop, so I volunteered. Today is my day!

I've been so focused lately on things having to do with my father that both my mother and my daughter have been left to fend for themselves without me. I can hear both of them now telling me that they're each fully capable of fending for themselves without my input, thankyouverymuch, and boy howdy, are they! But I still miss spending the time with them, and I get the feeling now and then that they may miss it a little, too.

Mother, daughter, daughter, mother, anchor, wings. The relationships are so complex, so mysterious and impossible to quantify. There's good days and bad days, good years and bad ones; subjects you should never discuss together and favorite memories you both revisit often; advice that should be given, withheld or just plain stockpiled until and if the timing is ever right.

And fights! No one can fight with more precision and competence than a mother and daughter. No relationship is capable of more meltdowns, drama moments and door-slamming than a mothers' and daughters'.

And yet there are a million other moments, the ones you remember and that count the most, moments of support, hand-holding and breathtaking generosity.

No one loves quite like a mother and daughter.

Please go and visit the other Mother's Day Blog Hop participants, too!


Morph Waffle said...

Lovely mother's day post and piece!

Bev said...

I don't know when I've been as moved as I was by this. I love you and feel honored that you wrote it. I hope Meg has a daughter someday so that she can experience the wonders that you and I, then you and she, have realized through the years, and that will continue for a lifetime.


Unknown said...

Beautiful post, Judi! Thank you so much for participating in the hop!

elle said...

Thoughtful post, Judi.

studio pashnada said...

I love this!!
Thanks for sharing