Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Off-Loading Paint

Stacked Journaling can produce a lot of material in just a short amount of time, particularly when I monoprint it.

To recap so everyone remembers, when I monoprint Stacked Journaling, I write with paint squeezed directly from the bottle onto a wide strip of parchment paper. Then I turn the parchment over onto my substrate- usually fabric, canvas or paper- and gently burnish the back to transfer the paint.

Once I've done this, though, despite it being called a "mono" print, there is still a lot of paint left on the parchment that I refuse to waste. Instead of wiping that paint away, I off-load it by spritzing it lightly with water and burnishing deli papers or 60# copy paper onto the parchment.

The result is a lot of fun, lightweight collage papers, which I go back into later with glazes of paint.

All of these collage papers were created in this way, a treasure trove of source material, all of which relate to each other and to the original piece (in this case, the first photo of this post!)

You paid a lot of money for your materials... never feel as if they need to be wasted just so you can experiment with techniques that are new to you!

Happy collaging!
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