Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall's Coming

"Fall's Coming" 41 1/2" X 50"

I dyed this cotton Pimatex last year. I'd always loved it, but because of its color variation and strong horlzontal patterning I was never sure where to take it next. It wound up languishing in my stash until last week, when I broke it out and started working back into it.

 "Fall's Coming", detail

I monoprinted two layers of Stacked Journaling using Neopaque textile paint and one layer using Lumiere

The lower half of the top photo is so heavily shadowed that I've set a new goal for myself for 2012- I'm going to refine and repair my photographic challenges (poor lighting, no tripod, hit-or-miss understanding of my camera's features, etc) so I can start to produce high quality images of my own art.

Becoming a better photographer, and taking full responsibility for producing excellent, usable images, will place more control of my career in my own hands. I will no longer be dependent on paying someone to take photos of my work. It's past time; wish me luck, friends!
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