Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fall's Coming

"Fall's Coming" 41 1/2" X 50"

I dyed this cotton Pimatex last year. I'd always loved it, but because of its color variation and strong horlzontal patterning I was never sure where to take it next. It wound up languishing in my stash until last week, when I broke it out and started working back into it.

 "Fall's Coming", detail

I monoprinted two layers of Stacked Journaling using Neopaque textile paint and one layer using Lumiere

The lower half of the top photo is so heavily shadowed that I've set a new goal for myself for 2012- I'm going to refine and repair my photographic challenges (poor lighting, no tripod, hit-or-miss understanding of my camera's features, etc) so I can start to produce high quality images of my own art.

Becoming a better photographer, and taking full responsibility for producing excellent, usable images, will place more control of my career in my own hands. I will no longer be dependent on paying someone to take photos of my work. It's past time; wish me luck, friends!


Kathy said...

I applaud your determination to learn more about photography. Your work is so awesome it deserves the best photo showcasing you can give it. Good for you!

Bev said...

Great work (again) from my amazing daughter.

elle said...

Good for you, Judi. There is always something more to learn. I hope you'l continue to share what you learn. I suspect we all can improve our photography skills.

Unknown said...

I love the colors in this piece.
I hope you make a lot of progress with photography. You will have a lot less hassle and problems if you cold take all the gorgeous photos that you need yourself. I know that is a major problem that I have during the winter especially. It is too wet and cold to do outdoor photos most of the winter. I haven't come up with a good place or method of taking indoor photos. I would appreciate any tips that you could send out to your readers.

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