Monday, November 14, 2011

The Design Wall This Week- Paper Fabric

The design wall is full this week, despite my promise to myself to take some time off. 

Recently I've been doing some Stacked Journaling studies in black and white, which I've then been using to create "paper fabric".

 (detail, 14" x 14")

We all know that everyone has their favorite recipe for creating paper fabric but I've never managed to make any that yielded better than a stiff and unstitchable final product, so I've been revisiting the process using some of my favorite supplies- matte fluid medium and painted deli papers.

As I've mentioned before, I create dozens of deli paper collage elements when I'm painting. I've found them to be incredibly durable, tough, and lovely, with their natural translucency and the way they greedily soak up paints and inks. Unlike tissue, deli papers can take a real beating without tearing and shredding. I use papers that have a matte finish side and a satin finish side, which I recommend because while paint and ink will stick to the glossy side, for obvious reasons the matte side will always have better holding power.

After I've painted my papers and they have fully dried, I use the fluid medium to glue just the edges of the papers together (I do this on top of a piece of plastic so that once it's dried on the plastic, I can peel the whole thing off cleanly.) I can create any final size I like, such as this 30" x 30" piece.

After getting all of the papers adhered to one another and allowing the completed piece to dry, it can be mounted onto lightweight, fusable interfacing. The resulting "fabric" has a soft, stitchable hand.

Don't ask me what I intend to do with this stuff... I'm not sure yet!

Create boldly!

- Judi


Deb H said...

Wow Judi, I love these!

Kathy said...

Wow! I just love your work so very much...I'm always happy when you post something new. And I was just wandering the craft store today, wondering what to use to make paper fabric. Perhaps I'll start with deli paper!!! Thanks.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Who cares what you plan to do with these lovely is the process that is what matters. Lovely works to play with! Peace, Mary Helen

Lynda said...

Judi, Love this paper fabric. I made some last year but didn't stitch on it. Used it as wrapping paper from gifts. I just found out that one of my friends actually saved it and she never saves anything! These are lovely. Guess I need to do some more and sew on them. Thanks for the inspiration.

Unknown said...

Whatever you decide to do I'm sure that it will be lovely. I have just started to experiment with deli paper. It is fun so far.

meta said...

You know so many techniques!

Gina said...

Beautiful! hmmm I should have saved that little deli paper I used to scoop up the vegan muffin at Whole Foods this week ... I'm thinking that might be similar to what you are using for your gorgeous designs.

Lisa Flowers Ross said...

Found your site from a link on Deborah Boschert's blog.
I love these. They are works of art just how they are. I need to try this.