Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paint To Paper To Fabric

In the process of painting this piece, I used very simple "masks"-  a few pieces of white copy paper and one piece of 18" x 18" deli paper that created an "open windows" effect. (Lay the paper down, brayer paint over the edges, you've just used a "mask".)

By the time I was finished layering all those paint colors onto just a few pieces of paper, their surfaces were rich and vibrant with a complex blending of shades and colors. They were irresistible to me!

I monoprinted a little Stacked Journaling on some, left the rest alone, and when they were dry, I tore them up into random shapes and sizes. Using transparent fluid medium, I began collaging them back together into four distinct but obviously related art pieces

(18" x 18")

The multiple layers of paint and medium began to give the surfaces of the papers a glossy sheen, like they'd been polished.

(8.5" x 11)

I finally gave up trying to layer more matte medium on top of them to knock back the shine and just embraced the leathery quality that was emerging.

(11" x 14")

Deciding to mount the pieces for display, and still wanting to test the limits of  multi-purpose fabric, I cut 4 pieces of the fabric large enough to accommodate each collage, and using a 50/50 mixture of soft gel medium and fluid matte medium, I laminated the collages to the fabric.

 (8.5" x 11")

I sandwiched all of them between two weighted-down plywood boards until they dried, and then trimmed away the excess fabric from around the edges.

I'm really finding this fabric to be very versatile and I can see myself ordering more of it when this roll is gone.

Happy creating!


A Dispatch From the Mother Ship said...

What a beautiful medley of creativity! As usual, you've gone above and beyond average.

Unknown said...

I love these pieces, especially the first one. I have got to try this fabric!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

These works are simply beautiful!!! So much energy and they have a calligraphy sense to them. Peace, mary helen Fernandez stewart