Friday, March 30, 2012


Life seems to move so fast sometimes, and the things I most beg the universe to not let happen are often the very things I later find myself learning to live with, and even enjoy.

Remember how happy I was when my studio/garage make-over was complete? And how a year later, I bragged on my new design wall and the hubby who installed it for me? Yeah, I do, too. But in a few months, it will be someone else's design wall, someone else's plain, old garage with the funny paint stains on the concrete floor, not a fun, funky and occasionally filthy artists' studio. It'll be someone else's house. We've been transferred to the city of Houston, which will make the commute for DH from our coastal bedroom community into the city too long, so we're selling our house and moving to a new one!

I won't lie, I went kicking and screaming into this transition. I don't just love my studio and design wall, I love my home... the yard filled with it's multitudes of visiting wildlife, the annual flocks of hummingbirds that will literally eat right out of your hands, the forest on two sides with its 200-foot-tall, hundred-year growth Texas Live Oaks, it's remoteness weirdly juxtaposed with its very close proximity to everything we need, not to mention the fact that we've lived in this town for most of the last 30 years. Hard to leave? Oh, yeah.

But if you've read this blog at all in the past, you know that one of my most tried and true paths to growth is not to just face challenges that frighten me, but to sprint towards them and scoop them up in a full embrace. Fear bites and chews at you when you're crazy enough to do this, I can't sugar-coat it. It's scary as hell, often painful, and in rare instances, you don't even see the benefit of it for literally years, but on the balance, I'd rather be the one to throw Fear off its game than allow it to throw me off mine. Scary change has always wound up being the very best kind of change of all, for me.

A new studio with new light coming in, a new vibe, a new, urban lifestyle after thirty years in the suburbs- yeah, that's a challenge I'm suiting up for.

That's a challenge that had better not turn around, because it will see me racing up behind it, arms spread wide.

(And don't worry, the next blog post will get back to what's happening in the studio, I promise!)
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