Friday, March 9, 2012

Stash-Busting Giveaway!

Spring arrives, I clean. Ruthlessly.

This Spring, it's my huge stash of papers I've been creating and hoarding jealously for years that are on the chopping block. While cleaning them out, weeding out the ones I truly believe I'll never touch again, I found a lot of gems. But the fact is that I just can't keep everything- I'll never use all of it! So I'm giving some of it away.

What You'll Get

~ One packet containing some seriously cool, funky and occasionally downright oddly painted, stained, dyed, stamped, screen printed, and sketched-into collage paper schwag. Ten sheets, to be exact. Some are larger than others, but the smallest of them is around 8" x 10. They range from deli paper weight to 140# water color paper. Some are strange. Some are truly lovely. All of them have plenty of usable real estate.

~ The deep and abiding satisfaction of knowing that you've helped me out a lot by giving my beloved stash a good home where it will be appreciated and USED!  (Oh, yeah, and also you'll be doing me a big solid in the storage space department, too.)

How You Can Win

~ Comment and tell me how you'll fondle and adore and/or burn and recycle utilize these papers.  In a few days, I will randomly choose five names of readers who will get my stash foisted off onto them win!

Oh yeah... here's what you can do with all these cool and useful papers! Did I mention that they're cool? And useful?

("Mask", 9 1/2" x 12", paper, multi-purpose fabric, 
acrylic paint, stamping, reverse applique)

Happy stash-busting!
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