Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stack It, Cut It, Stack It Again

I've made a glorious mess of the studio this week and I'm digging paint out from under my nails. That's always a good sign.

I've been making small art pieces using scraps of cotton fabric, multi-purpose fabric, and paper that I already have on hand. Sometimes minimizing your options focuses your attention.

The top layer of this piece (blue) is Multi-Purpose Fabric that's been monoprinted many times with Stacked Journaling in layers of acrylic paint. Some of the fabric was then cut away to create a "window" for the painted water color paper that backs this piece (yellow/orange). It's about 5" x 7".

I used a second piece of the blue MPF from the above photo for this next bit of art...

(6" x 11")

... and backed it with a different piece of painted water color paper.

A third piece of MPF, painted in the same way as the pieces above but with a slightly different color palette, is also backed with a piece of water color paper, this one treated with MX dyes.

 (6" x 8")

Finally some hot (pink) paper-on-paper action.

(12" x 24")

This piece was screen printed first and then had cut Stacked Journaling paper pieces mounted onto it.

Happy creating!
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