Thursday, June 21, 2012

Apologies and a Semi-Hiatus

Moving has overwhelmed me more than I thought it would and as a result, I will- for now- have to make apologies for not being able to follow through on my promise last week to talk today about ink paints and a new book I want you to read!

My studio is mostly packed and I'm ready to move into temporary housing until my new house is built, so there won't be any art-making for at least the next few weeks. No art = no fun blog posts about art. So I will be taking a forced hiatus from working, for a while. I guess I'll read and lay by the pool in my temp apartment. At least I'll be able to work on my tan!

Despite my studio being in boxes and about to be moved into storage for the duration, I got a little frenzied yesterday when, while cleaning out drawers, I came across a whole stack of paper scraps I'd been painting and setting aside for years. I channeled Lynn Krawczyk and, inspired by her "Remnants" series, did a little remnanting of my own.

This piece is about 18" x 18" and consists entirely of paper of different weights, from deli paper to heavy watercolor paper. They've been painted, batik'd, screened, and stamped half to death!

I will try to find neat things to talk about during my haitus so my poor blog doesn't just whither on the vine, and I'll be participating in a blog hop to launch Sue B.'s new collaberative book (I'm in it!), The Sketchbook Challenge: Techniques, Prompts, and Inspiration for Achieving Your Creative Goals, which begins on June 26th and includes tons and tons of great artists and giveaway prizes, so please keep watching this space!

The blog hop schedule:

June 26:  

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July 10:

In the meantime, happy creating and see you when my new house is finished!


Jeannie said...

I love your remnant piece! Boy, I don't know if I could go a couple of weeks without creating something. I might even resort to buying one of those crewel embroidery kits my Gram used to do, just to keep me sane! Take care and wear sunscreen.

Unknown said...

I like this remnant piece. I hope that you enjoy your forced vacation and don't go too stir crazy.

Brenda Livermore said...

Really love your work and so pleased to discover your blog. Take it easy with the moving, that is mentally and physically exhausting.