Sunday, September 2, 2012

Two Weeks, And Counting

Well, things are really speeding up around here. In about two weeks, I'll be moving into my new home, custom built to my standards. I can't wait, and more than that, I'm excited about getting the garage converted so I can get back to work! I have so many ideas bubbling up, so many projects I want to launch into, that I can hardly sleep night.

Remember, I'll be moving from this much loved and missed converted 2-car garage space...

... into a 3 & 1/2 car garage space (no photos of it, yet!) There will need to be a lot of work done on the space before I can move in, but my contractor is ready to go as soon as we close on the house. I'll keep you all updated as we progress through that process!

In the meantime, I'm seeing the fruits of other creative labors come into being, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Welcome to my new home!

Come on in and make yourself at home! Please take your shoes off, though, those new hardwoods want to be treated gently.

The kitchen is coming along grandly. We wanted something striking and unusual, so chose a stunning red/orange/black granite for the counter tops, contrasted with almond cabinetry and chocolate brown hardwood floors.

To make our lives a little easier, we upgraded to wall ovens (as yet, uninstalled) and replaced the lower cabinets with full-extension drawers. Here's DH checking out the storage under the island.

That silly, meager faucet will immediately be replaced with this beauty...

... along with a flush-mounted garbage disposal button and a soap dispenser so I can get the danged bottle of Dawn off the counter top!

To compliment those luscious cabinets and granite, I took on a little project for myself that could easily be accomplished without a studio.

I purchased some lovely, 18" powder-coated drawer pulls and buffed a little copper Lumiere into them. 

They will grace the lower drawers, while some matching black knobs (given the same paint treatment) will adorn the upper cabinets. I'll be sure to take photos and and show you, once we get them all installed.

So while none of this qualifies as art, exactly, it all feels very creative and exhilarating. Over the next 12-18 months you can expect to see fresh art on these pages, as well as discussions and photos of the decorating I plan to do in my new home.

Happy creating!

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