Thursday, February 28, 2013

Old Work Into New

The death of my beloved old friend, Pumpkin, (and when I say "old", I mean it- she was pushing 20) knocked me flat this week. It took everything I had to get into the studio and just do something. I know many of you, as pet owners and lovers, understand.

This piece was unpacked a few months ago and has been standing up against a wall in my entryway ever since.


Suddenly, a few days ago, I couldn't stand looking at it anymore and I snatched it up and brought it into the studio.

It got a couple of washes of color, mostly greens and teals.

And that didn't make me any happier with it. So I got all dark on it, and now I like much better.

It fits my mood, but I also think it's kinda cool in general. It is 30" x 40", acrylics on stretched canvas, and it doesn't have a name because I suck at naming my work.

Also this week, I saved this length of construction fence from the dumpster it was heading towards. It was used by the crews to block off my back yard while the pool was going in, and when they were done with it, I caught my hubby dragging it out to the curb to dispose of it. "But it's covered in mud!" he cried as I grabbed it out of his hands. That's when he got that kind of blank look from me that every salvage artist is famous for, the one that says, "Yes. And what was your point, again?"

It's been soaking in hot soapy water all day. I already have an idea for its first use as an art tool, but I'll talk more about that project later when it's further along.

Oh, and btw, here's the pool at dusk. Yep, it's done! Now we're just waiting for the weather to warm up enough to get in!

Goodbye, Pumpkin, my sweet girl. Mama misses you.

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