Saturday, June 1, 2013

Encaustics, Take 2!

My explorations with wax continue, this time with more of an eye on composition than sheer experimentation. I am still, however, using a combination of crayons and encaustic (wax) paints. Shown below are some 6" x 6" pieces done on encausticboard, which is essentially a rigid piece of artist-quality masonite, uncradled and primed on one side with gesso. 

I spent some time first painting the panels with oil paints, and then applied the melted wax with paintbrushes, Catalyst tools, and tjaps (one of which is pictured below.)

After applying layers of wax, I would then take the piece to another table and use my hairdryer to move the wax around a little, giving it texture and helping to expose the multiple layers of color.

I am using an electric griddle to melt the wax, and also letting the tjap sit directly on the griddle to heat up so I can either impress it directly into the wax on the panels, or to pick up wax from the griddle surface and impress it onto the panels.

I have another tjap on the way to me from an ebay vendor, and I will pick up larger encausticboards to create bigger pieces of art.

Also becoming fascinated with new mediums, the piece below is painted strictly with oil paints. 

Today as I am blogging, my husband is installing a new "painting wall" in my studio. I will show each step of that in my next post. In the meantime, happy creating!


Lisa Chin said...

Judi, your encaustics pieces are beautiful! It looks like you have been having a LOT of fun. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lisa....these pieces are beautiful! I would like to know if you are using something to help the oil paints dry faster?