Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Work

A few days ago I showed you what kept us busy this past weekend: the designing and installation of my new painting wall.

This week, I dove on the canvas you see hanging there. Using acrylics and a lot of gestural painting, I went at it, rotating the canvas in between each layer.

Here is the first layer. 

My focus in the beginning was to block out the "underpainting", all the lines and shapes I wanted.

Then I started to focus more on composition, and in filling in the blank areas of the canvas.

The third and forth layers:

The fifth layer:

My goal now was to remove all the white of the raw canvas. The sixth layer achieved that.

In the seventh and final layer, it was time to reintroduce white back into the piece to offer contrast.

(Abstract on Canvas, acrylics, 48" x 60")

I can already tell, after several days of intensive painting, that I'm going to love working this way!

Happy creating!
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