Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Mediums

You'll probably look at these next two pieces and wonder, "What happened to her search for subtlety??" And I would certainly understand why, because I've traveled back to my bright, shiny, gaudy colors. But I had a good excuse, I promise, and my desire to create subtlety is still at the top of my mind and my agenda.

My excuse is that a box filled with incredible color arrived on my doorstep and I couldn't help but play, play, play.

I got as much of the new line of Golden High-Flow acrylics as I could afford, including the whole line of new fluorescents. These are gorgeous colors!

(18"x24" paper, acrylics, paint markers)

I used these deliciously fluid and vibrant mediums, paired with a set of Sharpie paint markers, to play with abstract shapes and values. Since they are transparent colors, I wanted mostly to see how they worked and played together, and the answer is: brilliantly!

I love the way the hi-flo fluid acrylics can slide across the paper, disappear into gentle, almost not-there glazes, and lift darker colors, making them shine and strut .

(18"x24" paper, acrylics, paint markers)

The markers drew smoothly across the paint, allowing for fine detail without skipping, stuttering, or pooling.


Fun stuff!

Tomorrow I will be posting some good news about the International Quilt Show, so I hope you'll return to read all about it!

Until then, happy creating!


tresorcache101 said...

Hello Judi,

Number one I have to tell you how jealous I am that you are having fun with the High Flow acrylics, I live in Canada and they have not hit the local art supply store yet.

Number two, I am coming to Sugar Land, Houston Texas and wanting to do some art work with my sister in law in the month of Oct. Could you recommend a good art supply store so that I can stock up on supplies and get my High Flow acrylic fix?

Congratulations on your wonderful pieces, they are amazing.


Jeannie said...

Oh!Oh!Oh! I love it!!!! I have seen Chris Cozen work with the high flow paints and now you, the credit card is jumping around in my wallet wanting it to be set free at Dick Blick! I love your sense of color and how freely you use color. To heck with subtle! :)

elle said...

top one is my favourite. :)

Maggi said...

No wonder you wanted to play with these, the results are stunningly vibrant.

denthe said...

I love how you combined the bright colours with the markers. Very interesting result!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

Wow, those are gorgeous!! Looks like you are back in the flow again!
I love the effect of your paint markers, what kind of markers are they?

Jeanne Aird said...

Great fabrics. Love the colors. How did you get the white lines? Is that paint as well or some kind of marker? Keep up the great work.

nationwide answering services said...

hi Judi,

My top 1 is my favorite! Love it