Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Mediums

You'll probably look at these next two pieces and wonder, "What happened to her search for subtlety??" And I would certainly understand why, because I've traveled back to my bright, shiny, gaudy colors. But I had a good excuse, I promise, and my desire to create subtlety is still at the top of my mind and my agenda.

My excuse is that a box filled with incredible color arrived on my doorstep and I couldn't help but play, play, play.

I got as much of the new line of Golden High-Flow acrylics as I could afford, including the whole line of new fluorescents. These are gorgeous colors!

(18"x24" paper, acrylics, paint markers)

I used these deliciously fluid and vibrant mediums, paired with a set of Sharpie paint markers, to play with abstract shapes and values. Since they are transparent colors, I wanted mostly to see how they worked and played together, and the answer is: brilliantly!

I love the way the hi-flo fluid acrylics can slide across the paper, disappear into gentle, almost not-there glazes, and lift darker colors, making them shine and strut .

(18"x24" paper, acrylics, paint markers)

The markers drew smoothly across the paint, allowing for fine detail without skipping, stuttering, or pooling.


Fun stuff!

Tomorrow I will be posting some good news about the International Quilt Show, so I hope you'll return to read all about it!

Until then, happy creating!

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