Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"My Family Quilt" Blog Hop

My friend, Cheryl Sleboda, had a great idea: let's all show off our family quilts! 

My grandmother was the quilter in my family, and one of the family artists, crafters, and stitchers that I draw my inspiration from. I have lots of memories of sitting at the dinner table with her while she created extraordinary Christmas ornaments, or sifted through her stash of quilting fabrics.

I wish I had some memories directly linked to this quilt top, but she created it as I was entering my young adulthood, and like most people of that age, I was so involved in building my own life that I barely noticed what the older generations in my family were doing. That makes me sad, today, knowing that I don't have an awesome story to go with this awesome top, but I can still show it off today in this blog hop!

Grandmother used a log cabin block with dozens and dozens of scraps to create this king-sized quilt top for my mother's bed. The quilt is still unfinished, although my grandmother passed away a number of years ago. 

I never realized until I spread it out on my own (king-sized) bed exactly how huge it really was- nor how spectacular it is.  

Since my grandmother's passing it's bounced between my mother and I multiple times, but I am determined this time- now that it's back in my hands- to see it finished. Living this close to Houston, the home of the International Quilt Show, should make that task easier!

Mosey on over to the other great blogs participating in this blog hop, and see their family history in quilts.

The "My Family Quilt" Blog Hop! 
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