Saturday, March 1, 2014


After nearly a year and a half, and countless revisions to the new house, our remodeling work in the studio is completed! The design wall has been covered, and it's a beauty. If you want to see how we constructed it step-by-step, look here for last week's post.

As I had demonstrated, after we got the sheets of foam insulation attached to the wall, we began covering the whole thing with cotton batting. That's where exhaustion and time forced us to stop.

After spending a couple of days looking at it in that state, I began to really hate the middle seam and worried that it, as well as the blue painter's tape, would show through the final layer of white felt. Time for Plan B.

This weekend, we took down the cotton batting and replaced it with a layer of thick, gray felt. It went on smoothly and perfectly.

We attached it to the foam all the way around with sturdy t-pins. The gray block out the painter's tape and the blue sheen of the insulation beautifully.

Then we covered that piece of felt with another layer of white cotton felt.

After getting both layers on, we trimmed around the new design wall to neaten things up, and we're calling it good. Well, I'm calling it WOW YAY I LOVE IT THANK YOU, HONEY!! It will get used a lot over the years and should wear very well.

Happy weekend! 


Kathy said...

Looks really good! And it makes taking photos so easy--and easy to pin up a different background color when necessary, too. A good design wall is a necessity! Yay Judy and Greg!

Lisa Chin said...

It looks wonderful! I've very jealous. Someday I will have a wall big enough to put one up too. :)

Penny Schine Gold said...

Looks great! I like the idea of adding a second layer of covering--especially helpful for getting rid of the seam between the two boards. One question: Does the felt hold pieces of fabric as well as flannel (what I am using) or batting?