Thursday, May 29, 2014

Experimentation Continues

So, this arrived in the studio last week.


... and how much fun is it to get new art supplies?? A stack of the beautiful, 22"x30" printmaking paper I've fallen in love with, a couple of smaller cradled panels, some paint, and two of these beauties...


I'm thinking a diptych, with these laying on their sides butted up against one another might make a very dramatic piece. Their size is so intimidating, though, that I have yet to mount any paper on them. Next week, that will be one of my tasks!

In the meantime, more experimenting with Stacked Journaling.  

The first thing I tried was layering Journaling in black and white paint. I started on one sheet of paper with black, allowed that to dry, and then did another layer of white on top of it. After each block of Journaling was on the paper, I took monoprints with two other sheets of paper. Eventually, I had so many layers on all three sheets, that I stopped bothering to wait for the paint to dry and just Journaled, monoprinted it, and Journaled again, back and forth, back and forth.


The top sheet of paper, (once again, 22"x30") was the "original" onto which all of the initial Journaling took place. The bottom sheet, and this third one...

... took only monoprinted images from the first sheet of paper, some of them ghost prints of leftover paint. 

Not sure that I was trying to get to any particular finished result with this experiment, it was just something I'd always wanted to try and my brain kept whispering, "What if..." so I followed along for the ride. I'm thinking now that they might make good grounds for some gel plate printing. That, too, could happen next week.

Also, a new beast grew over the last two weeks, starting with this painting on more of my favorite paper...

Some masking and a lot of Stacked Journaling later, and this is the result.

We are Borg; resistance is futile.

Note if you will, the tiny square on the upper right hand side. 

It was so small that the fine-tipped paint markers I've been using (filled with white Golden hi-flow acrylics) was too fat to fit into those tiny spaces. I broke out my dip pens, poured a small puddle of the paint onto a palette, and carefully traced out the negative areas. I'm a little cross-eyed, now.

Create with tiny strokes!


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