Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Work

See? I warned you that you might not see much of me here, that I wanted to focus on working and not on talking too much about it! I do feel badly that my poor blog keeps gathering cobwebs, though!

Here are some new encaustic pieces out of the studio this month. They are 12"x12" wooden cradleboards, incorporating some of the rusted tissue and fabric I did in this post, some scraps of collage material, alcohol inks, oil sticks, and an old piece of painted fabric.I also added some Stacked Journaling in one of them with black encaustic paint.

(Yes, they're available for sale, too!)

Until next time!


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

LOVE your works!!!!

Shoshi said...

Amazing Judi! I love the texture on the second one! Your work is so amazing.


Wtrstone said...

Your green piece just glows! would love to be a little mouse in your studio.... :)

Stephanie said...

Love these.

MB Shaw said...

Judi, these are so cool! That rusted paper is absolutely stunning.