Sunday, August 9, 2009

Winner of Grand Opening Give-Away Announced!

I asked hubby to find me a random number generator and do the honors of choosing the winning number. Everyone was assigned a number from the top of the list to the bottom, from 1-44. The RNG chose: 9, which makes our winner dolores! (He used an Excel Spreadsheet RNG to do it- who knew?)

Dolores, if you will please send me a private email with your contact info, I will send out your gift in Monday's mail: a 2-yard piece of mercanized cotton muslin fabric, 75 x 75 thread count, which I have tie-dyed myself...

... the book that helped me learn to dye fabrics, Fast, Fun and East Fabric Dyeing by author and art quilter, Lynn Koolish. (Y'all should visit her site and send her some hellos, if you get a chance, too- she's a wonderful artist and a very nice lady!), and one large zipper baggie of odds and ends from my stash of fabric and painted paper scraps. If you do anything wonderful with the farbic, I would love to see- send me a link!

Thank you all so much for making my first give-away such a great success! I have really enjoyed chatting with each of you in private emails and am grateful that you all shared your stories with the rest of us. I know there are still lots of artists hiding in the world, women and men waiting for an opportunity to make art, afraid that they don't qualify, aren't good enough, or just shouldn't try. Stories like the ones you all shared here can reach out and inspire those people, and maybe pull them out of their shells enough to try.

So, thankyouthankyouthankyou all.


Anonymous said...

Ah...a lovely prize!..
Congratulations, delores!

Dolores said...

Thank you. I love the fabric and sent you my address.