Thursday, August 6, 2009

Compositional Conversation

Now that this project has launched, I can finally announce my participation in it! I've been sitting on this for a few weeks, so I'm really thrilled to finally be able to tell everyone what's happening.

I've been invited by Terry Jarrard-Dimond to participate in collaborative art project entitled "Compositional Conversation", a round-robin textile construction involving 15 artists: Rebecca Howdeschell, Beth Carney, Shelley Baird, Gayle Vickery Pritchard, Leslie Bixel, Fulvia Luciano, Marcia DeCamp, Marina Kamenskaya, Paula Swett, Valerie Goodwin, Kathy Loomis, Leslie Riley, and of course, myself and Terry.

The project will start with Terry creating a fabric background and her own design elements, and then she will send it all on to the next artist in line. Each artist in turn will have a go at the textile piece (I hesitate to call it a quilt yet, because we're still not totally sure which direction it will take!) for three days- adding, subtracting and changing the "conversation". At the end, when every artist has had a crack at the work, Terry will finish the piece in whatever manner she thinks best.

This is a really big deal to me, to be included with names like Beth Carney, Leslie Riley and Valerie Goodwin. I feel like I'm sitting at the dinner table with royalty!

I will continue to blog about this as the piece evolves. Wish me luck!


Jan said...

You well deserve to be in the company of these other artists and I look forward to following your creative journey.

elle said...

Wanted to say your heart is great. This is super. Please keep us posted on this creative trip!

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

I am pleased you decided to join "the party" and I look forward to see how the magic works. Terry:

Gina said...

Hey you're part of the royalty! I hope you'll be posting photos as the project progresses!