Tuesday, February 16, 2010


CS. NO6, 2.16.10, 16" x 18"

This week, now that the sun has finally come out again, I find myself craving spring. So I just couldn't help but break out the spring colors for this week's CitraSolv/NatGeo collage.

The NatGeo pages were adhered to a masonite blank in my new favorite manner: I paint the masonite and the backs of the pages with gloss medium and once they're all dry, I iron the paper to the board. The heat of the iron melts the medium and the pages adhere flatly and smoothly to the surface of the masonite.

Then I broke out my spring leaf stamps. These stamps are hand-made by adhering cut fun foam to pieces of foamcore. I painted each stamp with titanium white acrylic paint to act as a resist to the wash of color that came next.

Once the paint dried, I washed the entire surface in Sun Yellow (primary) and Turquoise (also a primary) Dye-Na-Flow and then to seal it, I covered the whole thing in a final wash of more Sun Yellow mixed into gloss medium.


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