Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life And Its Whammies

I won't lie to you- it's been a tough few weeks. First came the disaster with all those silk panels (so okay, three of the panels have survived... the rest went into the trash, literally); then a dyeing experiment gone utterly awry, which I haven't even discussed here, yet; add in a hefty deposit in a Louisiana casino, a hacked Twitter account that was used for phishing (and don't I feel like I need a thousand showers after reading some of the things that were posted under my business name), and finally, serious computer issues.

Due to some well-meaning concerns that led to rather extensive changes, my key programs no longer function the way I need them to. Most disastrously, my camera, my right arm and perfect set of eyes, refuses all communication with my computer. This means that I can't even get it connected to my machine, let alone retrieve any of the dozens of photos I've been taking for days.

Tonight I will start the laborious process of backing up my hard drive. Once that's complete, I will reformat my C: drive. It could be some time before I'm back up, but I will be back! I still exist and I have been working like a busy bee while snapping tons of photos of everything.

Hope you'll hang in there with me for a few days... a new post will be up soon, if it kills me! In the meantime, as always, happy creating!
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