Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giveaway Time!

Back in November, I mentioned that I had a fun giveaway planned for this month, and the time has come to announce it!

While attending Festival, I was introduced to Judy Gula (thank you, Carol!), owner of Artistic Artifacts. Artistic Artifacts is a shop that is aptly named, offering many unusual products as well as on-site workshops taught by some of our favorite artists, including Liz Kettle and Carol Sloan.

One of their new products, something they call, "Multi-Purpose Fabric," caught my eye in their Festival booth, and I snatched up a couple of yards. Perhaps sensing my greedy desire to experiment with it, Judy offered another half-yard to give away to my blog readers!

So, let me tell you about this very cool fabric. It's manufactured by Roc-lon, and has a lovely, soft hand and drape. It's a heavy 3-ply fabric, almost canvas-weight, but maintains its hand while you're working into it which makes it possible to stitch through even after paint has been applied!

I've experimented pretty heavily on this fabric (some of it kindly donated for that purpose by Roc-lon), using my hottest iron on it (it did really well!) and saturating it with all kinds of mediums from fluid acrylics to heavy gel mediums.

No matter what I've thrown at it, it remains perfectly flat- no wrinkles, cockles, or stretching.

It beautifully accepts a lot of drawing mediums, as well. In the piece above, after painting on the fabric, I accented the walking lady and the background with colored pencils and pastels.

(Yup, the piece above is one I showed you in this post about gel plate printing.)

I even tried my hardest to rip it (impossible!) I've painted it, collaged paper and fabric onto it, and carved it up with scissors, a rotary cutter, and a box cutter! What's really extraordinary about Multi-Purpose Fabric is that is doesn't fray, despite my best effort to make it fray.

So enough of me chattering, let's get to the giveaway!! I have a 1/2 yard to give away and all you need to do to win is respond to this blog post, telling me what you'd like to try with it! I'll announce the winner (drawn randomly) in a few days!
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