Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop

My sweet and funny friend, Cheryl Sleboda, had this great idea to motivate us to spring clean our studios, take before cleaning and after cleaning photos, and post them to a blog hop so everyone could see how awesomely organized we all are, and make appropriately gushy oooh'ing and ahhh'ing noises at our organized awesomeness.

Unfortunately for me, the plan utterly backfired and my studio wound up messier than when I started.

I started last week with this:

Mind you, these are supposed to be the "dirty photos". Pretty tame, even by my standards.

I ended the week with this:

See? Messier than when I started, because I was supposed to be responsible and clean, but I guess I forgot that part, because it sure didn't happen.

I'm betting that these folks had MUCH better luck than me, so go look, ok? 

Amy Wright Weaver
Jim Parrillo
Lisa Chin
Barb Forrister
Frieda Anderson
Lynn Krawczyk
Cheryl Sleboda


Lisa Chin said...

hahahhaha well the best laid plans. . . .

You are awesome to be brave enough to share both before photos because there will be an after, right? Even your messiest photo doesn't look too bad though! Good luck!

Carolyn B said...

This is exactly why I can never clean my work space as I start and then get distracted by an unfinished project or the supplies that could be used for some entirely new project which I need to start RIGHT NOW :D Thanks for sharing (and I still think your studio looks pretty neat in both before and after photos) :)

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. That is usually how I work. I try to clean up but get distracted by something I find and then the mess just gets messier. :)

Ménage Tarif said...

So funny, but don't give up Judi! Start again and good luck :)