Monday, October 5, 2015

Last Week

I spent a pretty productive week in the studio, still exploring encaustic wax and paints.

I'm experimenting with color and moving the wax, seeing what kinds of effects I can achieve with the application of heat.

Trying out inks underneath and on top of the wax.

Layering Stacked Journaling by painting it and then burying it under layers of encaustic medium (clear wax.)

All of my encaustic work lately has been on cradled wooden boards, which I absolutely love. Some are more perfect than others, however. Recently, I scored a huge box full of unfinished maple blocks of wood that are normally used to mount rubber stamps. My neighbor had them (and many more that I didn't buy) for 5.00.

I've found them to be incredibly smooth and receptive to the wax, with a beautiful grain running through them, and lovely curved edges.

They are all small, meant to be hand-held, and should make for some interesting modular paintings. They're going to be a blast to work with, which will be this week's task.

Until next time, create with fun!


Kat Scott said...

Modular pieces!!! Oh what fun. So excited to see your new work.

Wendy Watson said...

There's a man down the road who makes wooden staircases . . . I wonder what he does with his off-cuts?

Robbie said...

As always, your work never ceases to amaze and inspire us!!! Very cool!

elle said...

Long time no visit, Judi! You have had a long year but I'm liking what I see. Not sure I should hang around 'cause I am leaning a bit too closely in as I appreciate your new encaustic work and I got no time for burned hands. lol