Monday, November 2, 2015

More From The Encaustic Studio

It's been a busy few weeks, but it's been both fun and productive!

Some good work is coming out of the encaustic studio and I'm pleased with my progress for the last twelve months on this new (to me) medium.

This piece resolved itself quite nicely after hanging, unadorned, on the wall for a few weeks. A deep clean of the studio unearthed the small cardboard squares you see running down the left side of the piece. I had painted and cut them years and years ago and then held onto them because I just loved the way they looked. They finally found a home, and a frustratingly unfinished work was completed. This piece is layers of encaustic paint, plus the little cardboard embellishments, and measures 12"x24". 

Other work of various sizes and themes has been completed, as well. This 6"x6" canvas panel is a study in lines that will be carried through soon in a much larger piece.

Friends came by for the International Quilt Festival (more on that in another post), and we spent a few happy days dying fabric and paper in indigo vats. This piece, a 10"x10"x2" cradleboard took some of the paper I dyed, as well as a small, wooden blank that was used to create pattern in fabric.

Finally, this little work, which has gone to its new home, was created on a 6"x5" maple block using encaustic paint and plaster or Paris fabric (gauzy fabric embedded with plaster... think: medical cast when you break an arm).

You'll hear from me again soon, because I've been gifted with an amazing collection of wooden printing blocks from my sweet friend, Judy Gula, owner of Artistic Artifacts, and I can't wait to play with them and then talk about it here.

In the meantime, get melty with wax!


Lisa Chin said...

All beautiful but I really like the indigo piece. I love that color blue! Someday I will make it down at the same time as everyone else and I will get to have a play date too!

elle said...

The card board squares are perfect. Lovely gooey texture and all but aren't those wood blocks something!!!

Stephanie said...

great pieces!

Painters in Gloucester said...

Absolutely you have done a fantastic job after 1 year practice. I believe with the passage of time you will fine tune your skills to make this more perfect and sensational.