Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon

I posted this over on the Quilting Arts Reader Forums, but thought I would post here, as well.

I started this piece with some of my hand-dyes a couple of weeks ago, went like gangbusters on it for a while and now I seem to have fallen off the inspiration train with a splat. I just don't know where to go from here- if anywhere (I'm asking myself if the piece even worth it. Not sure, yet.)

The original idea was to do what I do- rely on very linear elements and stitching (which appeals to my need for order), combined with fraying edges, unexpected materials and colors, and high contrast (which appeals to my need for chaos) to inform the piece as it developed. I figured that eventually I would add some curving elements to help pull all of the individual linear elements into one cohesive story- but that's not happening. Right now, all I seem to have are objects floating in space that don't particularly relate to one another. The curvaceous chaos I want for the finished piece is hiding itself from me, I can't see in which form it should take or where it should be located.

And I think it's because I'm bored with this color palette, all of a sudden- or with this theme.

Any suggestions?

These are close-ups of some of the detail stitching.

In other (strangely related) news, the little test piece I told you all about yesterday, the one I finished this weekend and then so fell in love with, has come out of the dye bath and is absolutely adorable.

And weirdly, it's almost the exact same color as the background fabric in the above art quilt. I REALLY need to try out some new color palettes!

It measures about 8"x10" and even though it was never meant to be anything but a test, I'm thinking I might start beading on it. I've got some lovely bead soups and a bunch more beads that I've made myself and I can see some of them on this delicate, floaty little thing.

While I had my beads out, I thought I'd take a quick snapshot of the way they're organized.

I have a small collection, I've done very little beading so far, but that isn't the reason I'm showing it to you. I have always saved and used all kinds of little containers that looked sturdy or useful and I've never been sorry I have, because whenever I start having storage problems, I go straight to my containers and fashion a solution. I believe that by doing this, I've saved thousands of dollars over the years that could have been wasted purchasing a lot of expensive specialized storage units.

The above kit is created using sturdy box tops nestled inside a large plastic garden flat (a shallow, rectangular crate they use to start new plants from seeds). Each box top is fitted with plastic trays from commercial cookie and cracker boxes, many of which have neat little divisions in them. Now and then, I make up bead soups for particular projects and I store the leftovers in little condiment cups with lids that I get at party supply stores.

Now when I need my beads, I just grab my little caddy and carry it with me.

Happy Creating!
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