Friday, July 31, 2009

The Week Ends Well

It will be a quiet weekend here while we hope and wait for rain. Last week's downpour didn't really help as much as we had hoped.

On the good news side, this little test piece, which started out simply as an experiment, has so charmed me that not only have I added beading...

... but I also think I might mount it on a small painted canvas and donate it to Art Now For Autism. If I'm going to do that, I need to act quickly, though- all submissions are due by September 1st.

I actually did it, I actually sent in my entry application to the abecedarian gallery (the lack of caps is their choice, not mine) for a juried exhibit they're hosting November 6th- December 19th.

I was horrified to realize after I'd made the decision to submit these two pieces that one of the photographs, which had been done by a professional photographer, was utterly blurry. As ticked as I was at the photographer (this was just one thing in a long list of things he did badly), I was more angry with myself for not having noticed it in time to correct it.

I panicked at little, then, because the application clearly stated that they wanted museum quality photos.

I gathered my courage together, grabbed my camera and tripod, and did what I could to re-photograph the piece. And miracle of miracles, I think I nailed it.

Anyway, they'll like me or they won't... it's all in their hands now and I just have to wait.

Have a happy weekend!
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