Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hearts For Anna

Whew, finally! My submission for the Hearts For Anna Event has been submitted. I was really starting to worry that I wouldn't finish on time, but it's done and I'm pleased with it. My hope is that it will sell and help to benefit one of our own.

I titled the piece, "Heart, Reclining (With A Fizzy Cocktail)" and it measures 5" x 7". This is the description I sent along with the submission form:

"This piece was created using primed artist’s canvas for its background, which was then washed with layers of watercolor. The sassy, cocktail-drinking heart, coolly lounging on her froo-froo bed of fringe, was sketched with graphite and then painted with watercolors, Sharpies, and acrylic paint. An appliqué of melted and Lumiere-painted plastic grocery sack was sewn onto her attire. Her fringe bed was created with dyed and stamped fabric that was then torn into strips and machine-sewn stitched into place. She toasts us with an embroidered cocktail glass brimming with beaded bubbles. Her inscription reads: “my heart to yours, our hearts together, for Anna.”

It will be back to the (VERY low-immersion, the drought is still dogging our heels) dye baths later this week- I've been out of white fabric for almost two weeks and there's a bolt on its way to me from Dharma Trading.

And in four more days, I'll draw the winning name of my Grand Opening Giveaway! :D

Until then, happy creating!


Lisa Bayne said...

Thank you so much for this contribution. What great sentiment!

Terri Stegmiller said...

Great great great!!!! Glad you were able to get in before the deadline!

Unknown said...

Lisa, it was my pleasure. I hope the auction is a huge success!