Monday, January 25, 2010

CS NO. 3 (Collage)

CS No.3, 1-25-10,  16" x 18"

This was a fun piece to construct and went together fairly quickly, once it decided what it wanted to be. 

As usual, I started with a  piece of masonite (I love to recycle), which I covered with two layers of Wonder Under. Onto that substrate, with a hot iron, I collaged several whole sheets of melted magazine pages.

Wanting to change the background color a bit but also wanting to show the beautiful patterns and peculiarities of the original papers, I created a glaze combining a 50/50 mixture of gloss and matte mediums with a hint of Golden acrylic paint in dioxazone purple.

Once it was dried, I embellished the background with textile foil in copper. I continued to collage more cut pieces of magazine pages, again using Wonder Under as my adhesive.


(NOTE: for the Citra Solv/magazine trick, please see the most recent issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors or my first blog post about it (scroll down about halfway to find it.)
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